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 Quite simply the future of Flat Roofing

PVC Single - Ply Membranes Installed by Swan Services Ltd‚Äč

Protan Membrane has been successfully tested for over 30 years.and all Installations are approved and covered by a 15 year installation Warranty.

SwanRoofing Services is an approved supplier and installer of Protan PVC single - ply Flat Roofing membranes

Installation area ;

Oxford ,Banbury, Brackley,

Buckingham, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford.

Plus all surrounding areas.

We believe that the single ply membrane produced by Protan is one of the superior products on the market, both suitable for new builds and refurbishment projects. Mechanically fixed and fully hot air seam welded as opposed to the inferior adhered products on the market, and once installed is very hard wearing and is aesthetically pleasing.

Durable protection for all types of Domestic roofing requirements, including Extentions, Single and Double Garages,porches and balconies.

Suitable for both warm insulated decks and tranditional cold decks.

With a range of different shades and colours available Protan blends in well on both new builds and Refurbishment projects.

All Protan single ply membranes are BBA, Sintef and IAB certified and approved, with a proven durability in excess of 30 years.

Plus all installations are covered by a 15 year installment warranty.

For more information and technical information visit:

Warm Insulated Roof System.

We offer a comprehensive range of the latest eco- complient insulating products offering the very best solution to any modern flat roof project.

Traditionally, flat roofs simply consist of a structural timber deck with a waterproof covering directly applied to the top of the deck. This design dates back many years and insulation was somewhat of an afterthought with this type of roof. Where a cold flat roof does incorporate insulation it will be usually be in the form of mineral wool rolled out in-between the timber rafters/joists, with a minimum 50mm (2 inch) air gap left clear in between the insulation and the roof deck. This gap is necessary to allow air-flow, so that warm, moist air, is allowed to escape rather than coming in to contact with the 'cold deck' and condensing. Condensation can lead to; rotting decking and/or timbers, damp ceilings and damp insulation which is rendered ineffective.

By moving the insulation to the outside of the structure, the roof deck is effectively brought inside, which results in a 'warm deck' (hence the name), this removes the possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the deck and eliminates damp. Because this design works by conserving heat, no ventilation is required. Modern polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam rigid insulation with reflective foil to both sides provides more than double thermal efficiency compared to mineral wool, and unlike the cold roof method the insulation thickness is not limited by the depth of the timber rafters/joists.

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